Hair Transplants Brighton Sussex

Hair Transplants Brighton Sussex

If you are suffering from hair loss, you may want to consider hair transplants. Obviously, hair transplants are not going to be for everybody. There are some people who enjoy their new ‘trimmed-back’ look. However, if you are the type of person who feels that being bald or having thinned-out hair is bordering on the edge of unsightly, then hair transplants may be just what you need!

Obviously, the major benefit of hair transplants is that you can guarantee that they will work. If you head to your local pharmacy, or even supermarket, then you will no doubt see countless products that talk about how they can help you to go grow a thick mane of hair again. Very few of those work. You may need to go through countless products to see even the minimal benefit. This is where hair transplants come into play.

Here at KSL Hair, our hair transplant process is incredibly effective. While many of the hair transplant treatments on the market can take weeks and weeks of regular sessions, ours can be completed in the space of a day. This is because we use a process known as the fue transplant procedure.

After this, there is a 7-day recovery process. You will want to refrain from getting your hair wet or wearing any sort of headgear during that time. Alcohol is probably going to be out too. You can work during this time period, but most people will just take the recovery period as a bit of a holiday. You will not be in pain, don’t worry. Well, at least after the first day or so when the swelling has subsided somewhat. If you are in pain, then standard painkillers should be fine.

Our process is going to be effective for you, and the hair follicles will be attached to your head in such a way that your hair will look completely natural. We will schedule a 3-month checkup with you where we check whether everything has gone as perfectly as you can hope. However, to be honest with you, it is very rare that it will not go perfectly. There will be regular check-ups after that point.

Honestly, hair transplants are the quickest way to get the hair that you want. Our process is remarkably effective, and if you are not happy with the results a year down the line for whatever reason, then we can carry out the treatment again for you without any issues (yes, this will be free)

If you wish to talk about a hair transplant, then please get in touch with us here today. You can schedule a free consultation with our expert team who will be able to walk you through whether this treatment is the right one for you. They will also be able to provide you with a quote for the price of the service based upon the state of your current hair. We aim to ensure that the prices we offer are as competitive as possible.